Monday, October 17, 2005

Fire Safety

Gooze has an amusing story about how his hair caught fire today.

After a minute i got a smell of something burning. Not worrying about the smell, i just continued my Steam-inhalation for another few more seconds. I only reliazed that my towel had caught fire when the heat had started troubling me.

One of the worst smells in the world is the smell of burning hair. That's one to clear up the sinuses. I have heard of the Emperor's new clothes but this takes the cake. Truly a hair-raising story.

Reminds me of the time when I shaved off my eyebrow.

Twas in 4th standard and I had just finished my bath when I saw my dad's razor. The glint on the razor's edge was enticing. Without a moment's hesitation, I decided to try it out. First it was just the normal shaving action. Then I noticed that perhaps my eyebrows were a bit unflattering. Being quite vain, I decided that the best thing to do would be to "shape" the eyebrows. In addition to being vain, I'm also quite clumsy and result turned out to be a bit scary. Before you could has "Hair Removal", I had half my right eyebrow off.

Thats when reality hit me. Panicking, I put a Bandaid from the medicine cabinet on my eyebrow and went down for breakfast. I told myself, that made me look a bit like a pirate. Secretly, I hoped nobody at home would notice.

Nobody did.

At least for 3 seconds.

Then my mom jumped on me and asked what on blue blazes happened to my forehead. At first I tried to soften the blow by saying that I fell down hit myself against the bathroom sink. This only resulted in greater concern being shown and the bandaid coming off. What followed was the sound of loud laughter from everyone at the table. My brother found it really amusing. The one thing about family is that they don't hesitate to laugh at you when its funny. Initially, I joined in, but then found the experience a bit overwhelming.

Reduced to tears, I refused to go to school, afraid that my friends too would laugh. Unfortunately, I was told rather strictly, that one reaps what one sows. Boy! Did my friends have a ball. For about a year I was One-Brow Jack - the madman who shaves eyebrows and brings laughter wherever he lurks.

Arrgh!! Shiver Me Timbers...
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