Saturday, October 15, 2005

Acronyms for the institute

Disclaimer: I disclaim everything under and over the sun

Let's see what different things IIPM can stand for

Irritating Informercials for Ponytail Management (Dare to grow longer hair beyond the ordinary)
Inconsistent Informercials for Pedestrian Mistakes (Dare to cross the road before bicycles)
Involuntary Irritation of Puny Manhood (Dare to scratch beneath the surface)
Insipid Interest in the Preservation of Mummies (Dare to embalm without chlorform)

Other possible names could have been
II of Greasy Hair - IIGH (Dare to put Coconut Oil more than required)
II of Anonymous Cowards - IIAC (Dare to hide behind false blogs)
II of Marketing Masala - IIMM (Dare to put an additional M)
II of Truth Flattering - IITF (Dare to lie more than ever)
II of Chicken Counting - IICC (Dare to put two I's and two C's in one acronym)

Any more?

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