Sunday, October 09, 2005

2005 Suzuka F1 Race Winners/Losers

Winners :
  1. Kimi: KR was incredible in the race, having started way back in the grid (17th) and to charge through is amazing
  2. Alonso: FA overtaking of MS was perhaps one the best ever. He too charged through the field.
  3. M Schumacher: Forgotten for most of the season, he used all his skills to hold back FA and KR as much as he could. FA maybe WDC this year, but MS is definitely the king of defensive driving. One of his best defensive drives was Sepang 1999 to hold back MH and give the win to EI
  4. DC: He's been very consistent this season. 3 more points.
  5. Webber: MW and Williams managed to score on over JB and BAR in the pitstops, but it was MW who created the opportunity
  1. Sato: What in the world was he doing?
  2. JPM: All he needed to do was finish in the points. Given KR's drive, its very likely that JPM would have been 3rd or 4th (depending on FA :-). That would have put McLaren 6 points clear of Renault instead of 2 points behind
  3. R Schumacher: Bit of glory driving with a weird 3 pit stop stgy
  4. Barrichello: Not sure if his car had problems or not. Either way to qualify ahead of MS and finish way back is a very disappointing. Hopefully, he will be at the sharp end next season for BAR.
  5. Fisichella: Starting 2nd, in the Renault and to finish behind a guy who started 17th isn't exactly the best way to complete a race. If Renault weren't leading the constructors at this point of time, then we could blame it on the car, but there's no way you can blame them for this.

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