Saturday, October 01, 2005

apt shopping

Today was hectic. Spent a lot of time on the road, looking at different apts. This is how my weekends will work out for the next couple of months, I guess.

First, it was off to L&T South City, which is behind arakere mico layout. This has pretty decent connectivity and the construction is excellent. The road from Jayanagar - JP Nagar is proposed to connect the apt. No idea about when that will come about. Until it does, there are two different ways to reach the place. The first and possibly closer is to go through Arakere. One needs to turn right at HSBC/Mantri Paradise on Bannergatta road and weave through small roads before reaching the place. The second option is to use a direct road from Bannergatta road some distance after turn off one. I used the first option.

Next it was of to Ajmera Green Acres, which comes in Bannergatta district and not in Bangalore district. So, one has to continue a few kms after HSBC, cross the Meenakshi Temple. It comes on the right. No other option but to use Bannergatta road to reach this place.

After that, it was to Purva Belmont on Kanakapura road. The problem here is that one has to take an U turn on Kanakapura road. This comes right after Family Mart, so it has great connectivity.

Then it was of to a bank where I happen to know the loan section manager. She gave me the lowdown on loans and properties in Bangalore. Need to go in for Pre approval soon. She also suggested having a look at The Heritage, which is off Airport road. So after spending a couple of hours at the bank it was of to Airport road.

Came back via the Ring Road, which turned out to be very bad idea. It took me atleast 1-1/2 hours to get back home. That's way higher than par because the apt is pretty close to my office, annd 30 mins is par. Welll....... 45 mins is par. :-)

In terms of traffic and connectivity, Purva was the best, followed by South City. South City is bound to improve once the road is made. Till then it will be a bit of a struggle on Bannergatta road.
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