Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sum of the parts greater than the whole

With the ICC Super Series turning out to be a Australia win-all, the question arises whether a team of great players makes a great team? If not, what makes a great team? Is the sum of the parts greater than the whole?

Some of the teams that I liked (no particular order :-) are
  • Indian Cricket Team 1983-1985 - 2 Stars (Gavaskar, Kapil)
  • Team India (Cricket) 2001-2003 - 3 Stars (Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly)
  • Australian Cricket Team 1998-2004 - 6 Stars (S Waugh, M Waugh, S Warne, A Gilchrist, M Hayden, G McGrath)
  • Windies Cricket Team 1976-1990 - 12 Stars (V Richards, G Greenidge, M Holding, M Marshall, C Lloyd, D Haynes, G Sobers, A Roberts, J Garner, C Croft, J Dujon, R Richardson)
  • Pakistan Cricket Team 1992 (Only the World Cup Winners) - 4 Stars (I Khan, J Miandad, W Akram, I Ul-Haq)
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