Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Irritating Village

According to the Indian Express, a village near Nasik, MH wants to change its name to Kalamnagar after APJ Kalam. Reason behind the name change? Not just jingoism and sycophany but the original name of Vaitagwadi. This translates to "Irritating Village". Talk about a image problem. Apparently, a few years ago they wanted to change the name to Gopalnagar.

I wonder what people from this village are called? The irritants? The ones from the irritating village? As for me, I'm in Bangalore and so, I'm a Bangalorean.

If there is a school in the village will it be called "The Irritating Primary School"? or worse "The Irritating High School and Pre University Composite College"?

Is the panchayat chief named "The Head Irritant"?

If there is a scheme to built a canal to the village, will it be called "The Irritating Irrigation Project"?

Digressing a bit to Presidents of India, the interesting (not so irritating) names that come to mind are
  1. Rajendra Prasad - First President, and honoured as such. Also the only President, to have served 2 terms. Though technically there is no bar on the number of terms, but all others have served only 1 term.
  2. S Radhakrishnan - Second President, and Philosopher. Very well known for his work on the Upanishads. Legend has it that every speech that he gave included a Sanskrit Shloka.
  3. Zakir Hussain - Third President. Died in office.
  4. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed - Fifth President. Allowed Indira Gandhi to rule by decree during the Emergency
  5. Gaini Zail Singh - Seventh President. Infamous for being the President during the Sikh riots. Even more ironic is that the President was a practicing Sikh.
  6. APJ Kalam - Eleventh President and Defence Scientist. A media darling, known for his work in DRDO. Revered by many and considered as one of India's greatest scientists.

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