Friday, October 14, 2005

A Private in Blogsphere wars!!

It all started with a story by Rashmi Bansal in a mag called jammag. Madness followed with unsavory comments at her blog here.

Then Gaurav Sabnis blogged about it on his blog. This apparently resulted in the "legal cell" from Pony-Tail-Institute sending him a cease and desist. This has led to him having to quit his job because the hardworking students at Pony-Tail want to burn there laptops made by Gaurav's Co. (LOL). He doesn't blame his employer.

I'm jobless right now so that aint going to happen to me :-)

Desipundit has been following the story continously here.

I had a look at the director of the institute from his site (I'm not going to link from here but you can google his name)

Let me follow his modus operandi
  1. I'm going to found an educational institution called TIMS (Theo's Institute of Managing Simpletons)
  2. I will be the first student of TIMS where I will take the only course available - BA (Bullshit Accredition) in Heckling (with honours). I'm the only teacher in the college and give top grades to my favorite student.
  3. Naturally, since I'm the only person in the course, I'm going to graduate at the top of the class.
  4. Next I will undertake an MBA (More Bullshit Accredition) in Planning for Heckling.
  5. Finally, as Dean of TIMS, I will grant myself a "Fellowship" of TIMS due my brilliant insight and analytical skills.
  6. I will then use these credentials to ensure that the People's Movement for Heckling, Tiptur to give me their most prestigious "Youth of the year Award"
  7. Naturally, Vegans for a Violent World will ask me to give a series of lectures on the finer aspects of heckling and the intricate planning that boisterous behavior requires, at their monthly meetings in chickenpet. (sic)
  8. I will naturally be posting all these on my website. I will also spend quite a bit on full page ads in newspapers daring people to dream beyond just heckling.
  9. Profit!!!
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