Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sankey Tank

Traditionally, agriculture in these parts depended on surface water gathered in the form of large man-made lakes called tanks. While the number of these within blr has dwindled, some of the large ones that come to mind are
  1. Sankey Tank
  2. Ulsoor Lake
  3. Lalbagh Lake
  4. Hebbal Lake
Ulsoor lake was restored a few years back and is quite beautiful. Sankey tank too has undergone some improvements. The google earth community has a placemark available here.
A couple of nices snapes are available here.

CM had a "spot visit" yesterday. links here and here. However, Govt apathy will continue unabated.

A few days back there was tons of water on the road in from of Lalbagh Main Gate. The impression one got was that the lake had overflown. This had occured in the past and given the huge amount of rain this monsoon, I was pretty certain that it was the case this time as well. However, it turned out to be just a bit of water logging due to a huge downpour that ended a few minutes earlier. Naturally, traffic ground to a near halt due and what is essentially a 10 minute drive on Lalbagh road, turned out to be a 1/2 hour crawl. Reasons behind the water logging has been poor drainage. Poor drainage has been blamed on plastic bags clogging storm drains. Clogged storm drains were reported to be the reason behind Bombay's woes a few months back.
A story on water logging is here.

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