Thursday, October 06, 2005

Low Geek Index

After months of curiosity and a feeling of "much ado about nothing" I registered with and have an account. Despite being a techie and geek, I find that some of the cultural aspects of being a geek are something that I lack in. Having a lot of work pressure for the last 1 year hasn't helped either. Now that I have some leeway at work, I'm able to spend some time actually thinking about techie stuff other than my day to day work. The result, improvement in the quality of my work.

This raises an interesting question. Is working more than 50 hours a week really productive? The answer most of my colleagues give is that we just waste our time at work and that we need to work smarter. But I have found that as we get more responsibility work wise, email consumes a huge amount of time. Add to that endless meetings and we have really time killers.
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