Saturday, October 22, 2005

Political Entertainment

The best part of the current Karnataka Govt. has been the hilarious bickering by different members of Govt. The general feeling is that its the JD-S which has the upper hand over the Congress.

As a result, the initiatives set up by the previous Govt. and those who are considered as beneficiaries of the previous Govt. policies have come under the hammer. The IT industry has really grown over the last couple of years. While its got to do more with the outsourcing phenomena rather than visonary Govt policies, the industry has been identified to be close to the previous Govt.

The result? The obvious. Daily fights between the biggest gainers from the IT world and the powers-to-be are being played out in the Media. The latest act in this saga has been the BIAL (Bangalore International Airport Limited). Recently Narayana Murthy quit as the chairman of the BIAL. In return we have a story where innocence is claimed. link

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